US District Court Northern CA/Zuccarini Case

When was the lat time someone read an Order that “requests that Plaintiff respond…in particular provide guidance to the court”?

One can easily see why something that should have been a simple judgment collection, has turned into a three and a half year fraud upon the Court.  The California US District Court has turned the whole thing into a circus; from time to time articles containing the motions, rulings, have been featured on Domain Name websites.

It never ceases to amaze me how a tribunal can be viewed as “fair and impartial” when the Judge has obviously been bought and paid for.  Damn, I wish I could get a Judge that asked my opinion on how they should Rule!

Like, what window do I need to file this in for the Judge to rule in my favor?  I have a friend in FL, that told me about filing something in FL Court concerning foreclosures, he asked the clerk that very question when filing response to the foreclosure.  He’s got it going on!

Read the following CA Ruling, and you tell me…..?

Judge Asks Plaintiff For Guidance in Ruling

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