Manifest Injustice

Have You Ever Wondered Why a Judge Rules The Way He Does? 

Have you ever, whether proceeding in Propria Persona, or represented by an attorney, why the Judge ruled the way he did.  Many times, the ruling will be so obviously against what the law states, but the Judge ruled that way anyway? 

Well, if you are in Georgia, and in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, you certainly have had bad rulings.  Especially, if you were Propria Persona, or going against a bank.  If you were both, forget it. 

Now, I am not saying don’t file the suit.  You must, you will not be able to live with yourself if you don’t.  But once the judge is appointed to you, do a search on that judge.  Find out all you can.  If it is available, find the financial disclosures.  Check over the…

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