Unpunished Cop Kills Woman



Published on Dec 2014

Another day, and another fatal headline. This time, the victim saw it coming. Valerie Morrow was shot to death, just less than 24 hours after talking to an NBC reporter in Philadelphia. In her interview with investigative reporter Harry Hairston, her words were chilling and direct. She said, “If you find me dead, he did it.”

The HE she was referring to: POLICE officer Stephen Rozniakowski. He was the reason why the reporter was asking her questions in the first place. Valerie filed a restraining order against the officer, accusing him of stalking her. It turns out, the two dated each other years ago, and he had been stalking her ever since. And from what we can tell in court records, stalking might be an understatement. It appears to be some kind of addiction. This police officer is charged with 75 counts of stalking. SEVENTY…

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