DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott

Keep in mind, Judge Scott has had an Appeal and Void Judgment in front of him for over three years. He set it for Jury Trial that was to begin January 26, 2009. He failed to send Notice of trial to any of the parties.

Monday, January 26, 2009 in a wheelchair, I attended a “Jury Trial” calendar call in Superior Court before Judge Mark Anthony Scott for an Appeal from Probate Court, which was filed three years ago. When my name was called I responded; Judge asked if I was ready for trial, I responded that I was. Judge asked if I was proceeding Pro Se, I responded that I was. Judge asked if I was represented by counsel, I responded that No, I am proceeding Pro Se. The Judge asked me two more times if I was represented, and/or if I was proceeding Pro Se, I responded that I am proceeding Pro Se both times.

The clerk, very quietly spoke to the Judge. The Judge stated that there are “technical difficulties” in the file. I asked what the technical difficulties are. The Judge, very irritated stated to the Bailiff “take him out back!” I stated to the Judge: “All I did was ask what the difficulties are”; Judge responded: “I didn’t like your tone of voice!”; I responded: “I am in constant pain, I wasn’t rude”; Judge said: “Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with, I was having you arrested for contempt!”; I said nothing. The Judge then said: “Bailiffs take him out of my Courtroom!”

At that point the Bailiffs, one grabbing the handles of my wheelchair physically removed me from the courtroom. I waited outside approximately 30 minutes, decided I should go in case this Judge decided to have me arrested for contempt. I have heard nothing sense.


14 thoughts on “DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott

  1. I, Tiffany Crabtree, came before the Court on July 29th, 2011. I arrived at 9:44am, about ten minutes late to the hearing in a jam-packed court room. The case # 11-4264-9 had been ruled on, Judge Scott had awarded Benny Thornton, sole legal and physical custody of my only daughter Jada. I have not seen or been able to speak with, visit or bond with my daughter at all in the last five years as a result of the unfair ruling. Since that time, I have filed many motions and petitions in regards to Change of Custody/ Visitation, Modification of Child Support, all with no resolve. Please help me and my daughter exercise our Right to family. This Judge is unfair and his practices are unconstitutional. I am working on a petition, still deciding what “we the people” can have done!


  2. An enormously corrupted Judge, cynic, ridiculous, remorseless, and may have some type of toxic mental illness. Mark Anthony Scott has records of acquitting a first degree murderer against the unanimous verdict of the jury, and in other cases (civil disputes) he will simply not allow the other party to speak, be heard, just because that party did not corrupt him. This judge has turned the Courthouse into a market. Lawyers make cases, bring suit, and share the half of the “hunt” with him.This is a market. Mark Anthony Scott is a disgraceful jurist who reduces the gravity of jurisprudence. And it is not surprising that he raised a son villain who can assault his own relatives. I suggest that all victims whose lives are destroyed by this judge’s impulsive, emotional, irresponsible “hammering” , submit complaints to the Judicial Qualifications Commission at : The latter will not necessarily be responsive (let’s be adults…), however, the more you complain the more there is chance to have this judge assessed for his sociopathic and reckless conducts (especially if he has enemies at JQC).

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    1. I am sorry that anyone else has had to deal with this man. His nephew is a lawyer whom I like very much. He agrees that Mark Anthony Scott is an asshole jerk, and should not be sitting on the bench.


  3. Judge Mark Anthony Scott disgraces the Jurisprudence and diminishes the fairness and gravity of the Courts. He is temperamentally and morally unfit to “hammer” on the desk. At first, he needs to hammer on his head, before he hammers with his corrupted and impulsive rants. Judge M.A. Scott’s soul operates solely on corruption and personal liking or disliking the parties. He must be stopped. We are several families terrorized and terrified by this Judge making decisions upon our future. All victims of this sick man with dubious reputation place your complaints and petition tor review this Judge’s Judicial Qualification on a case to case basis at

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  4. If you look the Preambles published in the State of GA Code of Judicial Conduct, “Judge” Mark A Anthony Scott violates all codes listed therein:

    Not only he is corrupted, he even shows it, takes pride of it, laughs on the unprotected party. This is a remorseless, sick, narcissistic man. He turned the courts to ground-zero markets.

    Attorneys makes cases out of nothing, share the money with him, and he enters prompt judgments without even studying the case,the motions, the notices, the affidavits. Mark Scott clearly shows that he is unaware of the cases he is entering judgments for. And the money that goes into his large pocket is spent to raise his criminal son. His own family is an embarrassment.

    Also, there is another nightmare (Travoria Robinson), Mark Scott’s calendar clerk (who does not even have a law degree), who can hide or promote motions in the way is mostly needed for a party to prevail.

    “Judge” Scott is not a Scot, neither a Scout. This Judge must go to prison. Victims, please complain about him to Governor Nathan Deal, to Georgia Bar, to Department of Justice. Mark Anthony Scott is not qualified to hold that high office. He could better work as an amazon associate promoting Alexa.

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    1. Thanks for your input on the subject. Maybe others will consider filing complaints about him. I can’t believe no one ever runs against our sorry, pathetic judges in DeKalb County. We will never get rid of them the rate we are going.


  5. Judge Mark Anthony Scott from Dekalb County Superior Court is a black-maphioso, a xenophobic sick man. He is currently in full autonomy of judicial conduct and all he cares about (in civil lawsuits), is which party has paid him more. His disgraced family is enough to understand, that if he was unable to nurture his own son, if he was unable to raise a moral kid, he cannot judge others. He also has ties with religious maphia (some fraternity establishments) and all is black, black, dark and dark. What is the Governor Nathan Deal thinking?

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  6. I have a civil matter pending before this judge. After these reviews which are not good, should I consider filing a motion for him to recuse himself? My complaint is against a mechanic who did work on my vehicle in violation of the Motor Vehicle Repair, without implied, express permission and work order authorization and has hidden my vehicle and will not reveal location of said vehicle. We are both pro se litigants.


    1. I’m sorry, I wish I knew what to tell you, and could do so, without the State Bar sending the cops to pick me up. Unauthorized Practice of Law, is illegal where I live.


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