DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott

Keep in mind, Judge Scott has had an Appeal and Void Judgment in front of him for over three years. He set it for Jury Trial that was to begin January 26, 2009. He failed to send Notice of trial to any of the parties.

Monday, January 26, 2009 in a wheelchair, I attended a “Jury Trial” calendar call in Superior Court before Judge Mark Anthony Scott for an Appeal from Probate Court, which was filed three years ago. When my name was called I responded; Judge asked if I was ready for trial, I responded that I was. Judge asked if I was proceeding Pro Se, I responded that I was. Judge asked if I was represented by counsel, I responded that No, I am proceeding Pro Se. The Judge asked me two more times if I was represented, and/or if I was proceeding Pro Se, I responded that I am proceeding Pro Se both times.

The clerk, very quietly spoke to the Judge. The Judge stated that there are “technical difficulties” in the file. I asked what the technical difficulties are. The Judge, very irritated stated to the Bailiff “take him out back!” I stated to the Judge: “All I did was ask what the difficulties are”; Judge responded: “I didn’t like your tone of voice!”; I responded: “I am in constant pain, I wasn’t rude”; Judge said: “Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with, I was having you arrested for contempt!”; I said nothing. The Judge then said: “Bailiffs take him out of my Courtroom!”

At that point the Bailiffs, one grabbing the handles of my wheelchair physically removed me from the courtroom. I waited outside approximately 30 minutes, decided I should go in case this Judge decided to have me arrested for contempt. I have heard nothing sense.

3 thoughts on “DeKalb Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott

  1. I, Tiffany Crabtree, came before the Court on July 29th, 2011. I arrived at 9:44am, about ten minutes late to the hearing in a jam-packed court room. The case # 11-4264-9 had been ruled on, Judge Scott had awarded Benny Thornton, sole legal and physical custody of my only daughter Jada. I have not seen or been able to speak with, visit or bond with my daughter at all in the last five years as a result of the unfair ruling. Since that time, I have filed many motions and petitions in regards to Change of Custody/ Visitation, Modification of Child Support, all with no resolve. Please help me and my daughter exercise our Right to family. This Judge is unfair and his practices are unconstitutional. I am working on a petition, still deciding what “we the people” can have done!


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