Electoral College Chaos?

Desert Musings

On Monday, December 19th, the Electoral College will meet to elect Donald Trump as president. Oh, I know…you THOUGHT we did that a month and a half ago, right? Well, not so fast, Skippy. We really don’t elect anybody president. If we did, there’d be a bimbo in the White House come January 20th. But we actually elect “electors”, and THEY elect the president. It stops the big states like New York, and California from taking over the electoral process. States like Maine and New Hampshire wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance of mattering if we did it the popular vote way.

So, in Colorado, there are a couple of people that are Democrats who are going to be voting for Hillary (as they have to by law), but they’re trying to stop the whole Electoral College process saying it’s unconstitutional. Let’s understand the most basic tenet of our…

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