Fighting Judicial Corruption

Anti-American, Anti-White, Hate Promoting Mainstream Media, Far- Left, Antifa, Soft Coup, Anti-Fascist, Amerian Anarchist Movement, White Nationalist Rally, ISIS, Pastor Hillary Clinton, Liberals, Globalists, KKK, Nazis, Jews, right-wing extremists, and Hundreds of Trumps-Bashing Assholes

I was raised to believe that knocking down a statue, no matter who it was of, would land you in jail.
I was raised to believe that terroristic threats would land you in jail.
I was raised to believe that once a President is elected, you’re supposed to shut up, if you did not like who was elected, and vote them out of office next round.
I was raised to have respect in religion, and as long as a person was not killing other people, literally, those people were free to practice any religion they wanted, and everyone else was to respect the religion.
I was raised to believe that anything is possible, and sometimes miracles do happen.
I was raised to believe that God loves all the little children, no matter what color they are.
I was raised to believe that unless you entered this country legally, you would be deported, and until you became an American citizen, you had no observable rights within this country.
I was raised to know and practice tolerance.
I learned that the only reason that most people in this country don’t get along, is because someone brain washed a lot of people to dislike persons of a different color than themselves.
I learned that those who spent time pitting Americans of different colors against each other, were scared that if we all united, we would take down, those who had pitted us against each other.

What are people teaching their kids nowadays? One good look at the kids on the news shows us that kids are fat, slovenly, race hating, vulgar mouthed little shits, that if their parents had smacked their happy little asses every now and then, Might, just Might have some respect for something. These little shits have no respect for anything!

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  1. No one has respect for anyone nowadays. It’s really sad.


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