Ordeal in Georgia With GA Power and Irma

When Hurricane Irma came to our house in Stone Mountain, GA…

Between 2:00 pm, and 2:30 pm, we heard 3-4 transformers in and around our neighborhood blow out. The lights flickered off and came back on, each of those times. Without warning, within the next 30 minutes, we lost power. I got the cell phone and reported the loss of power.

We woke up when the power was restored somewhere between 10 am and noon. Walked outside looked to see if any damage had occurred while we slept, none had happened the night before. There were some leaves blown around, nothing big. Figuring that we weathered the storm without incident, we went in an ate breakfast, just like any other day.

Between 1-2:00 pm, Asplundh tree butchers pulled up with their chipper. Shortly thereafter, GA Power big bucket trucks pulled up, across the street, three different cars with Police and Sheriffs pulled up, then of course the GA Power supervisors. Not on tree from our property had fallen anywhere. We did not even have any big limbs fall, especially not near power lines. They began work, it took about two hours to make it appear as though our yard, the only one in the neighborhood that had taken heavy damage from the storm.

Over the past few months GA Power had been butchering the trees in the area. We have had an on-going battle with GA Power over our trees. They have 3 year contracts with Asplundh to cut trees. Back in 1937, there was a Railway/Power map created, to show where the power lines would be place on Sheppard Rd. GA Power gave us the map many years ago. The map, shows poles in the Stone Mountain are to be 10.5 feet from the center line of the road. They also show that directly before our property, the lines cross the road. GA Power at some time while we were on vacation one year, moved the line, and ran it across our property, through the trees.

The pole got hit, and they moved the pole 30’ into the middle of the front yard next door. When we complained, they sent someone out here with the map, and a couple of fictional easements in order to appease us. Rather than be honest about the situation, they decided to just steal the property. At that time, a couple of lesbians rented the property next door, and probably let GA Power do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn’t bother them. They appeared not to care much about anything as long as everyone left them alone.

The easement documents, one from 1937 and one from 1940 had the wrong Land Lot, District and Sheppard Rd was misspelled. Signed by Dr. Robert Wells, who never existed. The Wells family had been a big part of Stone Mountain. Tiny town, the only Doctor was Dr. James A. Wells, not Robert Wells. The description of the property did not match, and there was no mention of the amount of easement. Didn’t matter, it was fake. GA Power also came up with a fake will in which the property changed hands through the Will, the problem there was that the Wells family members signed the Will, but another entity supposedly owned the property then. Plus, historians from the area, said that the Wells family owned the Industrial Park land on the other side of Stone Mountain, and nothing on the end where we are located.

The topper is, that when we went to have a handwriting analysis performed on the easements, we were informed that they did not have ball point pens until the late 50s early 60s. The document was guaranteed a fake Brian Carney, well known in Georgia.

So Georgia Power, who had cut all the trees in this area, up the street, down the street, all around us, and who had not notified us that our trees would be cut, which they had done every time in the past, waited until Irma came.

What makes their crime extra heinous, we did not realize at the time that they were going to blame Irma for our damage. We kept asking who was going to clean up the mess and fix the damage they had caused to our lights and fence. Every time, they would tell us that the County was responsible. I could not figure out how their butchering our trees would fall back on DeKalb County. One of the police officers said to turn it into FEMA. So now FEMA is responsible? How does FEMA have anything to do with them butchering our trees? So GA Power and those Police Officers were telling us to turn in a false claim to DeKalb County, to GEMA, to FEMA to fix the butchering job that we had been forced to endure at the hands of GA Power.

To make a false claim to FEMA, it is 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine, and that is what the Police were telling us to do. Not acceptable.
I don’t know why they would think that we are as dishonest as GA Power. I don’ t know what makes GA Power thing that we would falsify claims in order to get them out of what they had done to our property. They used the excuse of a storm to butcher our trees and pole them 6’ off the ground and do their damnedest to make it look like we were hit by a hurricane to get away with what they had done.
It is appalling to know that GA Power is so desperate to break the law, that they let 160,000 residents sit without power, so that they could take 5-6 hours off to plan and execute this destruction at our house. So, while my neighbors sat in the dark for 4-5 days, GA Power had spent precious time destroying our trees. Makes no sense to me at all.

They are dishonest, despicable, horrible creatures and should be treated as such. There is no excuse for GA Power and Police Officers to tell a homeowner to turn in their damage to GEMA and FEMA. That is illegal, and could cost us a long time in prison. There is something wrong with the County and State when they have officers telling homeowners to violate federal and state laws. GA Power has already violated numerous laws when it comes to us and our property, but now DeKalb and possibly Stone Mountain Police Officers have told us to break the law in order to serve and protect GA Power.

We lost not one tree in the storm. We lost an undetermined amount from GA Power.

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