Jul 26
by roybeaird

Those seem to be our choices in today’s politics. We either love America, hate America, want to stay, want to leave, are willing to defend or want to ‘fundamentally transform’ which is liberal leftist speak for destroy. Which is it for you? Some will take immediate offense and say, “Well, I’m standing on principles and Trump is the biggest problem in America.” Others will say, “We have the right to differ in our opinions.” I agree with the last statement but not the first.

I believe that today’s political climate makes our choice binary on one hand and necessitates the effort to purge the ranks of both major political parties on the other. That’s how I see it and you can agree, disagree, or be indifferent, your choice. The antics and rhetoric of today’s politicians make me want to regurgitate and find a quiet place to get away from it all. Sadly, that is not an option, due to the seriousness of this battle and what is at stake.

In war, you cannot just take a break and call ‘time-out’ expecting the enemy to honor your temporary respite and truce. No, you fight to the finish! In playing sports, I discovered that winners never quit and never take a play off, but give it their all 100% of the time. I have found in business that those who succeed do not put their efforts and plans on the shelf and take breaks, they continually, even in getaway time, they think and plan their next move. I have found in relationships, that you cannot just take a break and not put your heart into the development of the relationship, you are always alert and engaged.

In life and in spiritual matters, when we discover we are in a war for survival, we draw strength we did not know we had and a fight. I have served in combat in the military and in a firefight, you don’t take a break. There is no coexistence with evil and there is no compromise with those who want to destroy our Republic and transform it into something other than what it was designed to be and has been for over 240 years. America and our Freedom is a prize that must not be lost.

In the most recent antics of the Democrats in the never-ending, ‘Get Trump’ coup and investigations we saw, more clearly than ever, the charade for what it is. Trump was not inaccurate when he called this a ‘Witch Hunt.’ Robert Mueller demonstrated his lack of knowledge, apparent lack of involvement, and his complicity in the coup attempt. His almost incoherent displays, his lack of understanding what took place, his blankness on Fusion GPS, and his delays in ridding his team of those hand-picked Democrats who were exposed for their bias was troubling and revealing.

It was incredibly revealing when he responded to Representative Doug Collins of Georgia whether collusion and conspiracy were synonymous. He said, “No.” When challenged about that position contradicting his report, where he said they were largely synonymous he said, “Not when I read it.” What? I thought you wrote it, what do you mean when you read it? His apparent lack of knowledge about Fusion GPS was astounding. That was the group that Hillary Clinton’s team paid to produce the salacious and unverified Steel dossier, a key part of the entire premise for the investigation. He didn’t know who they were? Where have you been for two-years, Mr. Mueller?

The Democrats are, in my opinion, ‘beating a dead horse’ and a horse that had nothing to do with the Russian ‘so-called’ tampering in the 2016 elections. Was there tampering? Absolutely. Was it by the Russians? I do not know how much they tampered but the amount that the Obama administration, the DNC, and the Clinton’s engaged in was mountainous.

Who actually ran the investigation? I suspect it was Andrew Weismann. Mueller declared that his investigation did not exonerate the president and he could still be prosecuted when he leaves office. First, the investigator does not exonerate or convict anyone. That is not his job. Although that is what Comey attempted to do for Hillary. The Attorney General does not have the constitutional or legal power to exonerate anyone. Therefore, that statement by Mr. Mueller was designed as a missile launched to harm the president in public perception not rooted in good investigative or prosecutorial actions. It was political!

Representative Mike Turner of Ohio offered the line of the day when he said to Mr. Mueller, “You have no more power to declare him (Trump) exonerated than you have to declare him Anderson Cooper.” That caused me to double up in laughter. He continued with some pertinent thoughts, “The statement about exoneration is misleading and meaningless and colors this investigation. One word out of the entire portion of your report and it’s a meaningless word that has no legal meaning and it has colored your entire report.” Bravo, Representative Turner, Bravo!

When Representative Ted Lieu of California attempted to make the non-indictment an issue and insinuated that Mr. Mueller would have indicted had Trump not been president. Mueller seemed to concur. Then, Representative Debbie Lesko of Arizona exposed the inconsistency and hypocrisy of Muller’s consorting with Representative Lieu about his own report declaring “his office could not come to a conclusion one way or the other on obstruction of justice.” Attorney General Barr had exposed Mueller’s attempt to offer innuendo rather than investigative conclusions. Mueller tried to backtrack on his response to Mr. Lieu but that was too little too late.

Mueller either lied or had a tremendous lapse in memory about his interview for the FBI Director’s job and being turned down the day before his unfortunate appointment to the office of Special Counsel.

With the ‘so-called’ Squad, the Four-Horsewoman of the Apocalypse ranting about America the pot is being stirred. The POTUS hopefuls of the Left wanting to destroy our system of government and economics, the border issues, and more, we are in a fight for survival. Some accuse me of being a Trump cultist, a bot, an apologist for him, and a Trump worshipper. None of those are accurate but if that’s what you think, then that’s what you think.

I have never called Donald Trump a true Conservative. But in viewing our past presidents, back to Reagan, he has done more for conservative principles and the American people than anyone since Reagan.

He can be ruthless in deals and also compassionate with people. He is a New York City street fighter in his attitude and if pushed he pushes back. He is not the nation’s pastor or spiritual leader, but he has demonstrated a willingness to fight for us. More good has been done for America and the American people of all ethnicities in three years than in the 16 years of Obama and Clinton or the 8 of George W. Bush. I voted for Him in 2016 and, at this point, plan to do so again in 2020. Why? Because I love America and know the Democrats if allowed to win, will destroy that which we love.

God bless you and God bless America!

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