British Intelligence is a major part of Deep State Coup against Trump

Meet Lord Malloch Brown: The British Hand Behind The Coup To Oust Trump


From the obvious role of Sir Richard Dearlove and his former MI6 underlying Christopher Steele who together played a driving role in shaping the dodgy dossier,
to their involvement with Oxford Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott in composing, promoting and marketing the fraudulent dossier to targeted members of Congress and media,
to British Ambassador Sir Darroch caught “flooding the zone” with British intelligence assets to shape Trump’s perception of the world,
to the array of British entrapment operations that targeted Michael Flynn as early as 2014 in London
… wherever one looks, the hand of British intelligence seems to be everywhere.
Is Lord Malloch’s name tied to the Canaanite god “Moloch”
that is worshipped by the Elite in Bohemian Grove with child sacrifices?
(In semitic languages, the vowels in a word are changed for variations – the core consonants are the basic part of the word.
For example, in Arabic, the root meaning “write” has the form k-t-b. From this root, words are formed by filling in the vowels and sometimes adding additional consonants,
e.g. كتاب kitāb “book”, كتب kutub “books”, كاتب kātib “writer”, كتّاب kuttāb “writers”, كتب kataba “he wrote”, يكتب yaktubu “he writes”, etc.)
Bohemian Grove

Trump WON Landslide 70% Popular Vote + 400 Electoral College, but Fraud of Biden Vote Dumps & Dominion SW
Trump’s Attorney Lin Wood said –
Trump Won a 70% Plus Landslide Election – He Probably Had 400 Electoral Votes

Attorney Lin Wood joined Mark Levin on Tuesday to discuss the theft of the 2020 election.
Lin Wood repeated several times during the interview, “They got caught!”

Lin Wood:  “This election was a fraud.  Donald Trump won I believe a 70% plus landslide election in the nation.  He probably won over 400 electoral votes.”


WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 6: Michigan and Georgia, Like in PA and VA, Caught in SAME PATTERN!
— Once Biden Gained Lead with MASSIVE Vote Dumps,
The Remainder of Votes All Possessed Same Biden to Trump Vote Ratio
analyzed a data set of election vote data and found millions of votes in the election that were either lost or transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden. We reported this and our post was retweeted by the President.
What is going on with the data and the votes recorded in the 2020 election?
These patterns observed in multiple states make no logical sense other than that data is being manipulated in the greatest election fraud in world history.
Trump Attorney Sidney Powell says “Release the Kraken”
– and releases the evidence of total election FRAUD


Sleeping Masses and Millenials follow “GroupMind” and Social Network Opinions

and don’t search for Truth – Socialism / Collectivism is their wrong answer

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich files class-action lawsuits against perpetrators of what he calls the pandemic hoax. 
Those responsible for [the corona fraud scandal] must be criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity and sued for civil damages… 
On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that
no one will ever again be in a position of such power as
to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.
 He summarizes the main charges that he says easily will be proved through the process of discovery and witness cross examination in court. 
He will prove that 
(1) Whatever is causing the symptoms attributed to COVID-19 causes no more hospitalization or death than the seasonal flu; 
(2) The commonly used PCR test is incapable of detecting COVID-19; and 
(3) The sole purpose of PCR testing is to generate large numbers false-positive results that can be called “cases” and which 
will frighten the population into passively accepting vaccines and a restructuring of society without question. 
Dr Reiner Fuellmich is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee, which 
since July 10, 2020, has been listening to large number of international scientists’ and experts’ testimonies, 
to find answers to questions about the pandemic, being asked by people worldwide.

He cites  https://lockdownsceptics.org/lies-damned-lies-and-health-statistics-the-deadly-danger-of-false-positives/
"Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives"
a hopelessly-flawed diagnostic test has been, and continues to be used, not for diagnosis of disease but, it seems, solely to create fear.
COVID-19 related class actions are exploding in the US and Canada
The US has already seen hundreds of COVID-19 related class actions
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the largest number of cases filed to date has been in California federal and state courts, followed by New York, Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois, as illustrated below:NY deathsCommon Sense
Video and transcript: “Crimes Against Humanity”
The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020.
Their conclusions are the following: 

  • The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal”
  • It is:
    • The biggest tort case ever
    • The greatest crime against humanity ever committed
  • Those responsible must be:
    • Criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity
    • Sued for civil damages
  • Deaths
    • There is no excess mortality in any country
    • Corona virus mortality equals seasonal flu
    • 94% of deaths in Bergamo were caused by transferring sick patients to nursing homes where they infected old people with weak immune systems
    • Doctors and hospitals worldwide were paid to declare deceased victims of Covid-19
    • Autopsies showed:
      • Fatalities almost all caused by serious pre-existing conditions
      • Almost all deaths were very old people
      • Sweden (no lockdown) and Britain (strict lockdown) have comparable disease and mortality statistics
    • US states with and without lockdowns have comparable disease and mortality statistics
  • Health
    • Hospitals remain empty and some face bankruptcy
    • Populations have T-cell immunity from previous influenza waves
    • Herd immunity needs only 15-25% population infection and is already achieved
    • Only when a person has symptoms can an infection be contagious
  • Tests:
    • Many scientists call this a PCR-test pandemic, not a corona pandemic
    • Very healthy and non-infectious people may test positive
    • Likelihood of false-positives is 89-94% or near certainty
    • Prof. Drosten developed his PCR test from an old SARS virus without ever having seen the real Wuhan virus from China
    • The PCR test is not based on scientific facts with respect to infections
    • PCR tests are useless for the detection of infections
    • A positive PCR test does not mean an infection is present or that an intact virus has been found
    • Amplification of samples over 35 cycles is unreliable but WHO recommended 45 cycles
  • Illegality:
    • The German government locked down, imposed social-distancing/ mask-wearing on the basis of a single opinion
    • The lockdown was imposed when the virus was already retreating
    • The lockdowns were based on non-existent infections
    • Former president of the German federal constitutional court doubted the constitutionality of the corona measures
    • Former UK supreme court judge Lord Sumption concluded there was no factual basis for panic and no legal basis for corona measures
    • German RKI (CDC equivalent) recommended no autopsies be performed
    • Corona measures have no sufficient factual or legal basis, are unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately
    • No serious scientist gives any validity to the infamous Neil Ferguson’s false computer models warning of millions of deaths
    • Mainstream media completely failed to report the true facts of the so-called pandemic
    • Democracy is in danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models
    • Drosten (of PCR test), Tedros of WHO, and others have committed crimes against humanity as defined in the International Criminal Code
    • Politicians can avoid going down with the charlatans and criminals by starting the long overdue public scientific discussion
  • Conspiracy:
    • Politicians and mainstream media deliberately drove populations to panic
    • Children were calculatedly made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow Corona rules”
    • The hopeless PCR test is used to create fear and not to diagnose
    • There can be no talk of a second wave
  • Injury and damage:
    • Evidence of gigantic health and economic damage to populations
    • Anti-corona measures have:
      • Killed innumerable people
      • Destroyed countless companies and individuals worldwide
    • Children are being taken away from their parents
    • Children are traumatized en masse
    • Bankruptcies are expected in small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Redress:
    • A class action lawsuit must be filed in the USA or Canada, with all affected parties worldwide having the opportunity to join
    • Companies and self-employed people must be compensated for damages

——– Forwarded Message ——–

The Emperor Has no Clothes – and There is no Virus

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test is not for Covid-10 and gives lots of false Positives
COVID19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless
Get the Facts at my www.Virus-Lies.com
Fake News Propaganda Hype causes false Panic
Masks don’t stop tiny Viruses & small moisture: Link12345pdf
Masks make you sick: rebreathing CO2 & germs: Dr BlaylockLink2
Tests give false positives and test wrong thing: Link123
HydroxyChloroQuine HCQ best cure, not used so more Deaths:Link
If HCQ not used, Ventilators don’t work, but KILL: Link
Lockdowns only ruin Economy – more suicides & failed businesses.
CDC Director admits Lockdown Suicides More Threat than Covid 1
Deaths down & are lower than normal Flu
Deaths from Chlamydia Pneumonia Bacteria, not Virus: Link1,Link2
CDC admits 94% of Reported Deaths not “from” Covid19: Info
No Pandemic or Epidemic – only about 10,000 deaths “from” Covid19 now alleged
(not 2 million or even 180,000),
but deaths really from bacteria not treated with HCQ, often Ventilator deaths
——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Sweden didn’t lockdown or force masks, but,fewer deaths than other European Countries – is Covid a Religion???

Sweden Refused To Impose New Lockdown Measures, Saying People Have Suffered Enough
Sweden didn’t lockdown or force mask usage, but
fewer deaths than other European Countries with forced masks and lockdowns
“We cannot only think about infection control,” said Lena Hallengren, Sweden’s health minister,
“we also need to think about public health.”
An important distinction: “focus on Covid to the exclusion of other conditions and you risk lives.
Hallengren’s 21 page report also uncovered a “decline in mental health” that was
“likely to worsen the longer the recommendations remain in place,”
leading officials to lift lockdown restrictions that previously applied to over-70s.
After deciding to take a “herd immunity” approach to COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic,
Sweden was roundly condemned for not following the harsh lockdowns imposed by virtually every other major European country.
However, as Newsweek acknowledged, Sweden’s COVID-19 death rate is lower than those of Spain, the UK and Italy,
countries which all imposed draconian lockdowns.

Unlike the rest of the continent, Sweden’s economy is also in a far better position to make a swifter recovery.
The country’s senior epidemiologist Anders Tengell has also criticized the
wearing of face masks as “very dangerous” because it gives a false sense of security
but does not effectively stem the spread of the virus.
Dr. Scott Atlas, the new head of the Cvirus Task Force, to replace Dr. Fauci,
says no need to wear masks if social distanced.  Wear a mask only if close and if caring for hi risk.
Here is his Tweet, which was Twitter-Banned because not “Politically Correct” which means wrong opinion according to Liberals.

The Covid PCR Test is Fake –  so lots of fake tests give lots of fake “Infections” – no real 2nd Wave
Millions of people are now being tested which contributes to increasing the number of socalled “confirmed” Covid positive cases Worldwide.
These statistics are then carefully tabulated.
The governments need those numbers to justify their totalitarian measures.
What’s the Big Lie? What’s the Smoking Gun?
The fear campaign has no scientific basis. (See analysis below)
The standard RT-PCR test used to “detect” the insidious Virus, “can not identify the Virus”.
SARS-2 (which causes Covid-19) is not a killer virus. In fact quite the opposite.
But neither the governments nor the media have reassured public opinion.
The fear campaign not only prevails, it is gaining momentum.
COVID19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless – it’s a Religion now
Lockdowns and hygienic measures around the world are based on numbers of cases and mortality rates created by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests
used to identify “positive” patients, whereby “positive” is usually equated with “infected.”
But looking closely at the facts, the conclusion is that
these PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection by a supposedly new virus called SARS-CoV-2.
Unfounded “Test, Test, Test, …” mantra
At the media briefing on COVID-19 on March 16, 2020, the WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said:

We have a simple message for all countries: test, test, test.”

This indicates that the belief in the validity of the PCR tests is so strong that it equals a religion that tolerates virtually no contradiction.
But it is well known that religions are about faith and not about scientific facts. And as Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th centurysaid:
“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”
So to start, it is very remarkable that Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, did not think alike.
His invention got him the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993.
Unfortunately, Mullis passed away last year at the age of 74, but there is no doubt that the biochemist regarded the PCR as inappropriate to detect a viral infection.
The reason is that the intended use of the PCR was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times, and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.
How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.
Lack of a valid gold standard
Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the PCR tests used to identify so-called COVID-19 patients presumably infected by what is called SARS-CoV-2 do not have a valid gold standard to compare them with.
This is a fundamental point. Tests need to be evaluated to determine their preciseness — strictly speaking their “sensitivity”[1] and “specificity” — by comparison with a “gold standard,” meaning the most accurate method available.
As an example, for a pregnancy test the gold standard would be the pregnancy itself. But as Australian infectious diseases specialist Sanjaya Senanayake, for example, stated in an ABC TV interview in an answer to the question “How accurate is the [COVID-19] testing?”:

If we had a new test for picking up [the bacterium] golden staph in blood, we’ve already got blood cultures, that’s our gold standard we’ve been using for decades, and we could match this new test against that. But for COVID-19 we don’t have a gold standard test.”

Jessica C. Watson from Bristol University confirms this. In her paper “Interpreting a COVID-19 test result”, published recently in The British Medical Journal, she writes that there is a “lack of such a clear-cut ‘gold-standard’ for COVID-19 testing.”
But instead of classifying the tests as unsuitable for SARS-CoV-2 detection and COVID-19 diagnosis, or instead of pointing out that only a virus, proven through isolation and purification, can be a solid gold standard, Watson claims in all seriousness that, “pragmatically” COVID-19 diagnosis itself, remarkably including PCR testing itself, “may be the best available ‘gold standard’.” But this is not scientifically sound.
Apart from the fact that it is downright absurd to take the PCR test itself as part of the gold standard to evaluate the PCR test, there are no distinctive specific symptoms for COVID-19, as even people such as Thomas Löscher, former head of the Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine at the University of Munich and member of the Federal Association of German Internists, conceded to us[2].
And if there are no distinctive specific symptoms for COVID-19, COVID-19 diagnosis — contrary to Watson’s statement — cannot be suitable for serving as a valid gold standard.
In addition, “experts” such as Watson overlook the fact that only virus isolation, i.e. an unequivocal virus proof, can be the gold standard.
That is why I asked Watson how COVID-19 diagnosis “may be the best available gold standard,” if there are no distinctive specific symptoms for COVID-19, and also whether the virus itself, that is virus isolation, wouldn’t be the best available/possible gold standard. But she hasn’t answered these questions yet – despite multiple requests. And she has not yet responded to our rapid response post on her article in which we address exactly the same points, either, though she wrote us on June 2nd“I will try to post a reply later this week when I have a chance.”
No proof for the RNA being of viral origin
Now the question is: What is required first for virus isolation/proof? We need to know where the RNA for which the PCR tests are calibrated comes from.
As textbooks (e.g., White/Fenner. Medical Virology, 1986, p. 9) as well as leading virus researchers such as Luc Montagnier or Dominic Dwyer state, particle purification — i.e. the separation of an object from everything else that is not that object, as for instance Nobel laureate Marie Curie purified 100 mg of radium chloride in 1898 by extracting it from tons of pitchblende — is an essential pre-requisite for proving the existence of a virus, and thus to prove that the RNA from the particle in question comes from a new virus.
The reason for this is that PCR is extremely sensitive, which means it can detect even the smallest pieces of DNA or RNA — but it cannot determine where these particles came from. That has to be determined beforehand.
And because the PCR tests are calibrated for gene sequences (in this case RNA sequences because SARS-CoV-2 is believed to be a RNA virus), we have to know that these gene snippets are part of the looked-for virus. And to know that, correct isolation and purification of the presumed virus has to be executed.
Hence, we have asked the science teams of the relevant papers which are referred to in the context of SARS-CoV-2 for proof whether the electron-microscopic shots depicted in their in vitro experiments show purified viruses.
But not a single team could answer that question with “yes” — and NB., nobody said purification was not a necessary step. We only got answers like “No, we did not obtain an electron micrograph showing the degree of purification” (see below).

Video: Vaccines 101 (Vanquishing the “Vaccinati” with Veracity)
Simply put: The TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES defeats the DECEPTIONS about Vaccines. TRUTH WINS!!
It’s our hope that this episode enables you put all the pieces together and be able to defend your position on vaccines, based upon TRUTH.

Watch the Movies: VAXXXED and VAXXED II – https://vaxxedthemovie.com/stream/
Watch Plandemic Part 2 of the Documentary   https://www.bitchute.com/video/xtE0690IPQaR/

Why the Coronavirus Hoax is a Hoax (leaflet to print out and distribute)
Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA
http://www.vernoncoleman.com/leaflettoprint.htm I can demolish the whole coronavirus nonsense in less than three minutes. Everything in this list can be verified.

1. Many doctors, including Dr Fauci, the American coronavirus supremo, have admitted that the risk of dying of the coronavirus may be similar to the risk with the flu.
2. The flu can kill 650,000 people a year around the world. Even though governments everywhere have admitted fiddling their totals, the covid-19 death total is only now approaching the global flu total.
3. Here’s how they fiddled the figures. In the UK, for example, anyone who tested positive for the coronavirus and subsequently died, was officially a covid-19 death – whatever else they had wrong with them.
4. The vast majority of those dying of the coronavirus were over 80 and had many other health problems. The risk for fit, young individuals is very small. The risk for children is smaller than the risk of being hit by lightning.
5. Research has shown that masks are dangerous, don’t prevent the spread of infection and almost certainly do more harm than good. The virus can go straight through the material of a mask. And mask wearing affects blood oxygen levels. At least two people have died through wearing masks. I’ve quoted figures and papers on my website www.vernoncoleman.com and in other videos on YouTube.
6. Many of those promoting the coronavirus horror story are linked in some way to the vaccine industry or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – which itself has strong financial links to the vaccine industry. For example, the Chief Scientific Advisor in the UK was formerly a senior executive at GSK – one of the big vaccine makers.
7. The British Government has admitted that at least four times as many people have died as a result of the lockdowns and other control measures as will have died from the coronavirus. The remedy has been much deadlier than the disease. Millions are waiting for cancer tests and treatment because hospitals were closed. And some hospital departments in the UK are still closed.
8. Neil Ferguson, the man whose predictions led to the lockdowns had produced a number of inaccurate predictions before he made wildly pessimistic predictions about the coronavirus. His track record is appalling. The college where he works has financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and vaccines.
9. Exactly the same mistakes have been made in almost every country in the world. For example, sick old people were taken out of hospital and dumped in care homes – resulting in tens of thousands of deaths in each country. That couldn’t be a coincidence – so it had to be a plan. If you remove the care home deaths from the UK total you end up with a maximum of around 20,000 deaths (though that is a massive exaggeration because they included flu and anyone who tested positive) which is much smaller than the annual flu death total.
10. The number of people who have caught the coronavirus worldwide is now said to be around 10 million. But the flu can affect 1 billion in a single year.
These are facts which cannot be disputed, though they are being suppressed. Print out the list and give copies to doubters.
I find it difficult to believe that anyone would still want to wear a mask once they are aware of these simple facts.
Watch his latest video on YouTube (not taken down yet):
YouTube: We Are Victims of the Greatest Crime in History

Is President Trump playing 5D Political Chess???
(my opinion)
When Trump praised HydroxyChloroquine as a treatment for Covid, Democrat Governors banned it.
Whatever Trump says, the media and Democrats promote the opposite.
Trump knows of Autism from Vaccines and talked to Robert Kennedy Jr.
I believe Trump has started “Operation Warp Speed” to get a quick vaccine without sufficient testing,
so that it will be an obvious untested farce.  Meanwhile he tricked Democrats to be Anit-Vaxxers !!!
——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: WHO envoy and FDA Chief say “NO MORE LOCKDOWNS”
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 09:30:41 -0700
From: Jim <jim@americanloanaudits.com>

WHO envoy and FDA Chief say “NO MORE LOCKDOWNS”

Masks Are a Political Agenda, Not a Protection Against Covid or Flu
All masks raise C02 levels, reduce oxygen levels, and, if you are infected, increase the viral
load that you are breathing. If a N95 mask has an exhalation valve, the C02 and
contaminant levels are lower, but if you are infected the mask does not protect others from your exhalation of the virus.
A N95 provides a tight fit unlike the masks people are wearing. Without an exhalation
valve, a N95 would build up C02 and contaminant levels quicker and higher. I find it
impossible to wear a N95 mask for more than one hour. According to OSHA standards,
people are supposed to be individually tested before being assigned a mask as some are more damaged by masks than others.
These facts are well known by experts, so why are masks being imposed
by political authorities and why has OSHA turned its back on its own scientifically based requirements?
The answer is that masks are a political agenda and have been weaponized against the people.
The same for lockdowns.
Moreover, there is no basis in law for the mask and lockdown mandates.
These are arbitrary illegal actions.
In Michigan the state supreme court has overturned the tyrannical governor’s lockdown/mask mandates.
The American people have paid a high price for being uninformed or misinformed by
presstitutes and the agendas being served by the Covid virus.

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Video: The Corona Scandal: “Crimes against Humanity”? Corrupt Agenda, International Class Action Lawsuit

Video: The Corona Scandal: “Crimes against Humanity”? Corrupt Agenda, International Class Action Lawsuit

Lockdowns based on Fake Testing and Propaganda Hype Hoax ruin businesses and cause unemployment with loss of income.
Panic prevails.
Day after day, the persistent impact of media disinformation concerning  the Killer Virus is overwhelming. 
Fear and panic, coupled with outright lies prevent people from understanding the logic of these far-reaching economic and social policies.  
An international network of lawyers is intent upon launching a class action Lawsuit. 
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a prominent lawyer presents the details of this project. (video below)
After nine months of research and analysis, we can confirm that the data and concepts have been manipulated with a view to sustaining the fear campaign.
The estimates based on the RT-PCR test are meaningless: The RT-PCR test does not identify/detect the Covid-19 virus.
What it detects are fragments of several viruses.
Confirmed by prominent scientists as well as by official public health bodies Covid-19 is not a dangerous virus.
Amply documented, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been used as a pretext to trigger a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring which has resulted in mass poverty and Worldwide unemployment. It is destroying people’s lives.
——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Best 16 minute summary of flaws of Covid19 fearmongering and the economic implicaitions

Best 16 minute summary of flaws of Covid19 fearmongering
and the economic implications

discusses  Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain
of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19

Get the Facts at my www.Virus-Lies.com
Fake News Propaganda Hype causes false Panic
(Recall CA Gov. Gavin Newsom at recallgavin2020.com/)
Masks don’t stop tiny Viruses & small moisture: Link12345pdf
Masks make you sick: rebreathing CO2 & germs: Dr BlaylockLink2
Tests give false positives and test wrong thing: Link123
HydroxyChloroQuine HCQ best cure, not used so more Deaths:Link
If HCQ not used, Ventilators don’t work, but KILL: Link
Lockdowns only ruin Economy – more suicides & failed businesses.
CDC Director admits Lockdown Suicides More Threat than Covid 1
Deaths down & are lower than normal Flu
Deaths from Chlamydia Pneumonia Bacteria, not Virus: Link1,Link2
CDC admits 94% of Reported Deaths not “from” Covid19: Info
No Pandemic or Epidemic – only about 10,000 deaths “from” Covid19 now alleged
(not 2 million or even 180,000),
but deaths really from bacteria not treated with HCQ, often Ventilator deaths

More Tests give More “Cases” – So What?
Tests give false positives and test wrong thing: Link123

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