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Email from a friend speaking truth!

Dear Friends for Freedom,

A quick note from my phone to encourage all of you to use the tools given to you to awake the whole world and take down the criminal networks. The Vaccine Death Report has just been updated and improved even more, to make sure it is indeed the very best tool anyone of us has to his or her disposal to shake others wide awake. It has been shared by the World Doctors Alliance, America’s Frontline Doctors, Right Side Broadcasting, and countless more influential organizations – in many different countries.

I was contacted yesterday by the Associated Press, one of the largest news media organizations in the world. They are terrified of the report and are desperately seeking ways to discredit it. I will share my communication with them later on. When these kinds of big boys enter a game, you know they are afraid – very afraid of something.

Today I went through the entire report again, looking for anything – just anything – that could be off, or in some way not entirely correct. You know what? I was deeply impressed myself – even being the author of the report – of all the facts presented, one after the other. What an incredibly clear, convincing and fact based overview of the greatest assault on humanity of all time.

I want to ask all of you to please use this weapon of mass awakening. Too many of us are addicted to hearing all the latest and newest information, but in all honesty… most of us fail miserably in being effective with the information we receive. The vast majority of us simply watch or read something and do absolutely nothing with it. We sit down and wait for the next ‘big news’. It’s like entertainment. We consume news after news after news, without doing anything effective with it. It doesn’t matter if what we read comes from the greatest names in alternative news. If we treat the critical truths as candy, for our own entertainment, it’s useless.

That is exactly what the cabal is counting on: people who don’t do anything. What use is it if we know the truth and aren’t doing anything with it? We might just as well remain ignorant. Please, take action.

The Vaccine Death Report is unique in the entire world. There is nothing that comes even remotely close to it, when it comes to the completeness and clarity of the massive amount of evidence presented. We can shake the world wide awake with this.

So what can you do? Send the report to anyone you know in the military, law enforcement, local or national government, people in health care or education. All of us are part of a community. We all have a doctor. We all have family. We all know people around us. We all have people we can give it to. And we can all go online and find many email addresses of those in our community who have any kind of influence.

We. Just. Have. To. Do. It. You sending this report – printed or as PDF – to one law officer can ignite the next wave of awakening in a local community of law enforcement. Why is 30% of all law enforcement in California resisting the vaccines? Because somebody informed somebody and this warning started spreading.

Why are thousands of airline pilots refusing the jab? Same reason. Somebody spoke to somebody and got them thinking. Next thing you know thousands are protecting their lives. Because truth sets free and protects. You can print the report in hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of copies through online printing services. Just look online: ‘print brochure’ and off you go. I invested all my time and energy, even though I have been ill for the past six weeks, to make this report. Some days I worked on it with shaking hands, because I was so weak. But Dr. Zelenko encouraged me with a text message: ‘Is the paper ready?’ When I finally sent it to him for review, he was so deeply impressed that he shared this first draft unedited version right away. It went viral right away, with all the typos!

Just the massive amount of scientific evidence, presented in such a clear way, shook him and he felt: THIS HAS GET OUT TO THE WORLD – NOW! I wrote him: ‘Don’t share it yet, we have to edit and correct errors first.’ He replied: ‘We can tweak later.’ Well, there you go… it spread like wildfire and that rough version full of typos was right away picked up and shared by the World Doctors Alliance.

The world is desperate for truth. This unique in depth and extremely revealing report gives it. Some hesitate because the report states that millions have died. I see virtually all freedom organizations play it safe. They only tout the official death count, of tens of thousands of deaths. Saying that millions have died seems over the top. But it isn’t. The report explains in great detail, with all the evidence and references, why we know that millions have died. The facts speak for themselves.

Also please don’t be afraid to reveal what is really going on. Please. You taking action can save so many precious lives of beautiful people who are now on their way to certain destruction because they simply have no clue. I am risking so much by publishing this. My name will be smeared all over the place, as the criminal vaccine cartel media will try to hide this information from the world. But it’s been translated in many languages already and will spread like wildfire to every corner of the world.

I am asking you again: please don’t be a couch potato patriot who only talks to himself or herself, and who never speaks out to the world in intense need. Be a hero. Share the report. Wildly! Print it in many copies – hundreds or even thousands or more – and just spread it everywhere. The military needs this information badly!!

Law enforcement has to know this. Your mayor and county commissioner must see it. Everyone with a position of influence needs to be informed. If you don’t reach out to them (respectfully and with a short kind message) nobody else will.

Please hear my heart. Don’t be a coward or lazy bum. Reading all day long about what is happening doesn’t save a single soul. Actions change the world. Be a hero of humanity. Download the report here and do something with it that will cause the plans of the wicked to fail miserably. Let the criminals see there are people who are not selfish, cowards and lazy. Let’s show them there are many of us who get up from our comfort zones and do stuff that shakes this world wide awake.

Https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/report The truth is what the world needs. Let’s give it to them. Thank you. David Sorensen Stop World Control

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