Embalmers Find Deceased Persons’ Veins Full of Blood Clots

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  • January 31, 2022

(Everyone must see this video. These are not normal blood clots, and people that have been vaccinated, have strange white fiberous clots like have never been seen before. This video will be banned in 40 hours!)

Funeral director Richard Hirschman tells Dr. Jane Ruby that he’s seeing startling anomalies in the veins of deceased persons he’s attended in the last year.

The victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes, he says, and he started finding “strange clots” in them about a year ago, in the middle of 2021. With photos he brought with him for the interview, Hirschman says he’s finding “fibrous-looking” clots.

In one photo a white, fibrous clot is almost the length of a person’s leg. He also reported that the number of blockages like this has gone from about 50% of bodies he’s embalmed to 80%.

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