The United Nations Dark Secrets

Saturday, Jan. 28th, dark secrets of the United Nations will be revealed









The United Nations is currently rolling out Agenda 2030 worldwide, which is set to become the greatest transformation of all time. It involves all nations and all peoples, and will transform every aspect of human society: finance, agriculture, food, travel, business, sexuality, education, etc. 

A radical and complete overhaul of how humanity lives on the earth


We’ve already had a taste of it over the past two years: extreme police brutality against peaceful protesters, lethal misinformation by news media and governments, suppression of millions of doctors and scientists, banishment of all cures for covid, forced vaccinations with experimental substances, far-reaching censorship of anyone who speaks out, etc.

In several countries, we saw an initial trial run for a divided society, in which unvaccinated people were denied basic rights such as travel, shopping, and even banking. Part of Agenda 2030 is to only allow people into society who constantly accept new injections into their bodies. Scientists and doctors who resisted this tyranny were fired, threatened, silenced, defamed, arrested, incarcerated in psychiatric centers, and some were suddenly found dead. 

Other Agenda 2030 developments include the destruction of the current food supply, replacing grass fed beef with genetically engineered insects.  And under the guise of “equality”, transgenderism is being aggressively imposed, with millions of children worldwide being psychologically manipulated to have their biological sex surgically altered, often without parental consent.

These are just a few examples of the madness currently at work on a global level, as part of Agenda 2030. The magic phrase to fool everyone into going along with this insanity is “sustainable development” that will supposedly “save” the earth.

The ultimate goal of Agenda 2030 is to set up a one world government with unelected leaders. The United Nations is at the heart of this world government, along with the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. Above them are financial interest groups who operate in total concealment from the public eye, so that no one can ever hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.


Given the deep seriousness of what is going on, there is a critical need to make the UN’s criminal agenda known to our fellow human beings around the world. Therefore, Stop World Control, in collaboration with the International Crimes Investigative Committee, is organizing an online exposé this Saturday, Jan. 28th, 2023. A senior official who has worked at the top level within the UN for two decades will reveal the organization’s dark secrets. This exposé will happen on

We cordially invite you to attend and hope you will help make this important event known. It will give a powerful boost to the global movement that is fighting for freedom and a better world. The event will be multilingual: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

Visit next saturday! 

Invite your friends!

We ask everyone reading this to please invite your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors to this online event.  Share this page and spread the flyer.

We can change the course of history. We can make history.
We can build a better world.

Download this flyer, email it to all your contacts, post it on all your social media pages and groups. Email it to a local printer, have color prints made and hand them out in your community.  


If you can’t download the flyer, contact us,
and we will email it to you.

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