I Wonder…

There is information that the vaccinated spread the spike protein to other human beings. I wonder if it can be spread to pets.?.

I haven’t heard of that happening, but would we ever hear about it?

I have heard about animals getting all kinds of cancers, thyroid problems, all kinds of ailments since COVID came to town.

But are there more of these ailments since the vaccine? I don’t know. I do know that on facebook, people are posting about different ailments inflicting their pets. A lot of pets are dying, some from old age, some from contracting cancer.

We know that the vaccines causes more incidents of cancer, than before people were vaccinated. But is it effecting our pets too? Fauci fixed it so that COVID can more easily be spread from animals to humans, through his research into the blood-brain barrier. But can it likewise spread more easily from humans to animals?

My female Alaskan Malamute, came from a breeder that had a brain malfunction after getting vaccinated. She had never had any problems, got the jab, and was brain damaged. Her prognosis was not good. She had a terrible time communicating, and I never found out what happened to her. She disappeared to me.

I am curious, every time my female Mal doesn’t seem to feel very well, or coughs, I wonder. Did the spike protein from the jab go into my female? She was the pick of the litter, and well loved. Was she effected from the jab? I don’t know, I guess only time will tell… We adore her, she is wonderful.

But, compared to the male we got, from someone who had not been vaccinated, the female seems frail and almost sickly for less than two years old. She seems like she aged beyond her years. She is more like a 10 year old animal. Our male just turned a year old. He eats good, is totally playful all the time, and very outgoing.

Of course, I will have her vet checked. I just wonder though… Of course, I would not expect a vet to say hell yes, the vaccine is effecting this animal, even if he knew it to be true. Yall let me know what you think.

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