Southern Company/GA Power

A man in our neighborhood, who is disabled and elderly, showed us his Electricity Billing, here is what it shows:

Customer Name: MAN Account Number: 72 years old
Current Electric Service – Residential
Next Scheduled Read Date: On or after Mar 20, 2023
Meter Reading: 2986544
Reading Type: Tot kWh
Current – 78510; Previous: 76740

Usage: 1,770
Jan 19 – Feb 17
Billing Period: Jan 19, 2023 – Feb 17, 2023
Rate Rider: Senior Citizens Discount
Basic Service Charge: $ 13.35
Merger Transition Credit: 0.00
Senior Citizen Discount: -24.00
Senior Citizen Fuel Discount: -6.00
Energy Charge: 650 KWH x 0.058366: 37.94
Energy Charge: 350 KWH x 0.050062: 17.52
Energy Charge: 770 KWH x 0.049143: 37.84
Fuel Charge: 1770 KWH x 0.028241: 49.99
Economy Sales Credit 0.0000000: 0.00
Demand Side Management: 1.89
Rate Case Adjustment: 4.91
Environmental Compliance Cost: 19.09
Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery: 4.87
Municipal Franchise Fee: 1.86
Sales Tax: 12.73
Total Current Electric Service $ 171.99

Notice, the actual energy used is only: $143.29, and that by itself is ridiculous.

They are taxing us on something that we got no use from, but were charged.

If they had taxed us only on the energy we bought, it would have been a little over $10 for taxes.

Basic Service Charge $13.35. That means that even if you use no energy at all, and just have an account with them, you pay that amount of money. But if you use energy, you still pay this amount on top of all the other crazy charges they stick on.

Further, Environmental Complaint Cost of $19.09? The energy company does not pay for it’s environmental crimes, we pay for it. How can an energy company learn not to violate the environmental laws, when it is their customers, not the energy companies, that are punished for that? If it went to the investors (stock holders), you know that they would learn a lesson, but no, they put it off onto the customers. Thanks GA Public Commission people who regulate what GA Power can charge to us. Maybe it should go to the Commission paying the $19.09, maybe then they would learn that it is not the customers that should be paying the violations fees.

Geez, wouldn’t everyone like to stick someone else with the payments for their own penalties?

WTF is a Municipal Franchise Fee?

WTF is a Rate Case Adjustment fee?

WTF is Demand Side Management Fee?

Why do people that will never get any energy from the nuclear reactors, pay for construction of nuclear reactors that were supposed to be completed and running by 2016?* The new reactors still are not producing energy.

Why are we charged with fuel charges for electricity, when they have smart meters and use no fuel to come read the meter? We all need to get rid of the smart meters anyway.

So the Senior Discount for this elderly, disabled man, is about the same amount of the pretend charges tacked onto everyone’s bill each month. Notice the fuel charge of $49.99, the senior discount gives $6.00 off there, + $24.00 off on top of that; for a 72 year old disabled man, with no other income.

Very humanitarian I would say, huh?

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