Trump Meets With “Doomsday” Plane in Area 51 As Pentagon Warns Officers “Get Your Houses in Order”

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Trump Meets With “Doomsday” Plane In Area 51 As Pentagon Warns Officers “Get Your Houses In Order

 Lieutenant Colonel Potter posted a chilling video on Thursday warning that the Pentagon has begun ordering its most senior officers “To get their houses in order”—a warning coming shortly after GRU intelligence analysts noted that President Donald Trump had secretly boarded a United States Air Force Gulfstream V-A C-37A aircraft at [Redacted] in Arizona—which the GRU tracked to its destination at the secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport, and sees private US defense analysts reporting: “although it appears to have turned off its transponder before touching down there, the final part of its flight cannot be conclusively determined”.

An hour after this secret military flight with President Trump aboard landed in the Area 51 region on Thursday, this report continues, an EB-4 “Doomsday Plane” made a shock landing at the Tonopah Test Range Airport after racing across the United States from an Air Force base outside of Washington DC—and whose high-level main passenger was United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III.

This GRU document notes that the mysterious relationship between Defense Secretary Austin and President Trump can only be understood by knowing about the late American multi-billionaire Ross Perot, who is known as “The Father of Trump”—and a quarter-century before Trump, saw Perot being a brash, can-do showman who “expressed contempt for politics as usual and promised voters who shared his disdain that the path to national greatness was to send an autocratic businessman with a touch of jingo to the White House to kick ass in Washington”—in 1992 saw Perot on the cusp of becoming President—but whose presidential campaign was crippled after Perot suddenly quit the race during its most crucial months after he discovered that President George H.W. Bush had ordered operatives to attack his daughter Carolyn by superimposing on her face the body of another person in an embarrassing situation and it was to be distributed to supermarket tabloids before her wedding—then saw Perot revealing that the Bush campaign ordered a former CIA operatives to wiretap his Dallas business phone lines to disrupt his financial dealings.   

This GRU document next notes that Perot’s massive fortune was made through the private company he founded in 1962 named Electronic Data Systems (EDS)—an EDS whose former Chairman and CEO is Texas billionaire Ronald Rittenmeyer, who, during the 2016 presidential campaign organized and signed a letter with 100 of America’s top business leaders pledging their full support for Trump, with them stating: “Our nation needs a president who understands free markets because he’s lived and worked in them…We need a president who understands how government can hobble innovation, destroy opportunity and restrain growth…We need a president who knows how economic freedom can lift people from poverty, open paths to and grow the middle class while offering everyone the opportunity to earn their success…Donald Trump would be that president…We strongly urge our fellow Americans to help us see that he is”.

This report continues by noting that today Texas billionaire Ronald Rittenmeyer is the Executive Chairman and CEO of the multinational investor-owned healthcare services company Tenet Healthcare Corporation—and in the 2016 letter he organized in support of Trump becoming President, saw it being signed by Dan DiMicco, the former Chairman and CEO of Nucor Corporation and Bill Jones, the President of United Technologies.

This report notes that Tenet Healthcare Corporation was a massive beneficiary of the $75-billion President Trump gave in Covid response aid, which stabilized their stock price—saw Nucor Corporation, the largest steel producer in the United States, being “very pleased” with the results of President Trump’s tariffs to protect the American steel industry from China, and whose executives are among Trump’s top donors—saw President Trump personally overseeing the merger between United Technologies and defense giant Raytheon—after which it then saw President Trump appointing top Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper to be his acting Secretary of Defense.

The critical importance of knowing these facts, this report explains, is because during the 2016 presidential campaign General Austin suddenly retired from the US Army—immediately after which he was given a seat on the board of Raytheon, which made him a millionaire as he negotiated the merge of United Technologies with Raytheon under the guidance of President Trump—on 18 September 2017 it saw General Austin being named to the board of Nucor Corporation—on 29 May 2018 it saw General Austin being appointed as an independent director on the board of Tenet Healthcare Corporation—and within 48-hours of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden seizing power on 20 January, it saw the US Senate confirming General Austin to be the Secretary of Defense by a vote of 93-2—a confirmation vote taken after a near non-existent hearing was held—and saw General Austin needing a congressional waiver of the National Security Act of 1947 to bypass the seven-year waiting period after leaving active-duty military before he could take this office

This report concludes with GRU intelligence analysts stating in their document that by every measurable standard and established fact, Defense Secretary Austin “belongs to President Trump and was forced on Biden”—whose reasons for this being so are now becoming clearer as socialist leader Biden has assembled the most aggressive antitrust team in decades, stacking his administration with three legal crusaders as it prepares to take on corporate consolidation and market power with efforts that could include blocking mergers and breaking up big companies—further sees Biden’s socialist Democrat Party forces preparing to beef up the IRS to attack wealthy Americans and corporations—an all-out attack whose outlines of have now been stunningly revealed by radical socialist leader Obama’s former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who just declared: “America’s wealthy have been spending vast sums on campaign donations and lobbyists to prevent a majority from usurping their money…These wealth supremacists have quietly joined white supremacists to become a powerful anti-democracy coalition…White supremacists have quietly depended on wealth supremacists to donate to lawmakers who limit voting rights, so people of color continue to be second-class citizens…And the Supreme Court is supporting both the white supremacists and wealth supremacists”—an all-out attack that now sees renowned Hoover Institution historian Victor Davis Hanson asking in fear of what’s to come: “How did the Democratic Party of JFK, Bill Clinton turn into a woke neo-Maoist movement?”—and after President Trump returned to Arizona from his mysterious secret visit with Defense Secretary Austin in Area 51, last night it saw him gravely warning the American people during a nationally televised massive rally: “We are beyond socialism…When you have no press that you can talk to, that’s how a communist country begins”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]