mRNA in Livestock, Beware!

Dr. Malone, the Low Down on Livestock and Companion Animals, and mRNA

mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion Animals are here now.

The current (public) receipts are included in this essay, and more are on the way

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Jan 11

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Before we can discus mRNA vaccines for livestock, pets and wildlife, we must first address the elephant in the room. That is, how come the public is able to access human clinical trial information, but is not able to do the same for clinical trials involving animal health?

During the early days of the AIDS epidemic, the AIDS community demanded public access to clinical trials. In 1988,  the U.S. Congress passed the Health Omnibus Programs Extension Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-607) which mandated the development of a database of AIDS Clinical Trials Information Services. This Congressional Act motivated other non-profit disease related groups to demand access also.

The Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997 amended the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Public Health Service Act to require that the NIH create a publicly available clinical trials database. This eventually led to the development of the website  This allowed tracking of drug efficacy studies resulting from approved Investigational New Drugs (including vaccines).

The law requires (from Wiki):

  • Federally and privately funded clinical trials;
  • The purpose of each experimental drug;
  • Subject eligibility criteria to participate in the clinical trial;
  • The location of clinical trial sites being used for a study; and
  • A point of contact for patients interested in enrolling in the trial.
  • The National Library of Medicine in the National Institutes of Health to host the public website/database

(BTW, one of my former clients held the federal contract to support and Pubmed. I have spent time in the back rooms of the NLM and do know a fair amount about these things….)

The searchable website was made available to the public via the internet on February 29, 2000. makes searching for human clinical trials easy.  For instance, a quick search reveals that there are over 50 clinical trials for mRNA vaccines in progress and over 200 registered. 

With animals, there is no such database.  mRNA vaccines in the “animal health” or veterinary markets are difficult to track until the company or the USDA is ready to release information on that product’s development or release. The USDA and/or the NIH have no mechanism for tracking potential new vaccines, drugs or biologics for the animal market.

Therefore, one must rely on press releases, the occasional peer reviewed paper, conference notes, USDA grant and contract notifications, university websites and company profiles for discovery of such new products. Not adequate, in my opinion, and most definitely not transparent. By federal law, the public should have open access to the results of this type of federally funded research.

In today’s substack, the state of mRNA “vaccines” for animal “health” is discussed.  Citing public sources, I will review what is known and not known about commercial liaisons and partnerships, the corporations involved, ongoing research and products in various states of development. 

Bayer Partners with BioNTech to Develop mRNA Vaccines, Drugs for Animal Health

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.  May 10, 2016

Bayer will partner with BioNTech to develop novel, first-in-class mRNA vaccines and therapeutics for animal health indications, the companies said today, under a collaboration whose value was not disclosed.

Bayer agreed to secure exclusive rights to BioNTech’s mRNA technology and intellectual property for development of mRNA vaccines for animal health applications…

The companies said their partnership is the first of its kind focused on developing mRNA therapeutics specifically for animal health applications.

Infectious disease vaccines is the focus of one of the three therapy platforms BioNTech is building through mRNA technologies; the other two are cancer immunotherapies and protein replacement. The three platforms are designed to produce pharmacologically optimized protein coding RNA for targeted in vivo delivery…

2016. This means that Bayer and BioNTech have been working on livestock and companion animal mRNA vaccines for over six years…

Logic predicts that they will soon have livestock and companion mRNA vaccine and RNA therapeutics on the market.

Bayer, BioNTech developing new mRNA vaccines May 16, 2016

Companies collaborate on cutting-edge technology to develop new solutions to protect companion and farm animal health.

Again, note the date…2016. This means that Bayer and BioNTech have been working on livestock and companion animal mRNA vaccines for over six years…

There are three therapy platforms that BioNTech has been building through mRNA technologies to be used in livestock and companion animals.

  • Infectious disease vaccines
  • Cancer immunotherapies and
  • Protein replacement.

Bayer to manufacture mRNA vaccine in Germany

Bayer Website, February 1, 2021

“Following discussions with the German government it has become clear that current manufacturing capacities for vaccines need to be increased, particularly for potential variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This includes the need to expand production capacity as well as related manufacturing expertise in Germany.

We at Bayer will contribute even further by making more vaccine available to help fight the pandemic.

So, Bayer lent their mRNA manufacturing vaccine facilities for use for the making of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Given the above 2016 press releases, that Bayer and BioNtech were collaborating to make mRNA vaccines for the animal markets, it would make sense that these facilities were actually built for the production of veterinary vaccines.

SEQUIVITY: Custom Swine Vaccines, using RNA vaccines.

Merck Website, Accessed Jan 2023

Combat current and future swine diseases with SEQUIVITY from Merck Animal Health. revolutionary swine vaccine platform, SEQUIVITY harnesses RNA particle technology to create customized prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus and beyond. It’s supported by a sophisticated dashboard filled with comprehensive data and insights, all to help you stay on top.

Important to know. Merck is already selling mRNA vaccines for swine. For whatever reason, they are selling these products as “customized prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus and beyond.” This is an interesting market segment. Merck’s reason to limit the production of mRNA vaccines in the “customized prescription” market is unclear. Production facility size and scaleability of the RNA product could be factors.

Acquisition Expands and Complements Merck Animal Health’s Strong Vaccine Portfolio

Merck Press Release, November 12, 2015 5:00 pm ET

MADISON, N.J., November 12, 2015 – Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) and Harrisvaccines, Inc., today announced the companies have entered into an agreement under which Merck Animal Health will acquire Harrisvaccines, a privately-held company that develops, manufactures and sells vaccines for food production and companion animals.

“As a leader in biologics, Merck Animal Health has built a robust portfolio of vaccines across all animal species,” stated Rick DeLuca, president, Merck Animal Health. “Combining Harrisvaccines’ R&D and portfolio of products with our strong capabilities and global reach will enable us to address even more devastating diseases that are impacting production animals and reinforce our commitment to the science of healthier animals.”

Harrisvaccines offers innovative technology and an important portfolio of vaccines, with a focus on production animals, an increasingly important segment as consumer demand for protein continues to grow worldwide. The company has a unique RNA Particle technology which represents a breakthrough in vaccine development. It also has a highly versatile production platform able to target a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Pathogens are collected from a farm and specific genes are sequenced and inserted into RNA particles, making safe, potent vaccines able to provide herd-specific protection.

This pioneering system is rapidly adaptable to new disease challenges and was instrumental in producing the first conditionally licensed vaccine to help control Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), a deadly virus that has killed more than eight million piglets since suddenly emerging in the U.S. in 2013.

Read that last paragraph again. Slowly.

Sometime before 2015, the USDA issued a conditional license for a mRNA vaccine for use in pigs for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), information about this product can be found at

Basically something akin to an emergency use authorization was issued around 2014 or 2015. Just like with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, full licensure was not granted but the conditional license remains in place. Is this a strategy to circumvent the USDA vaccine licensing and/or authorization process?

To conclude:

Like with the BioNtech’s veterinary mRNA vaccine development, Merck’s development of an mRNA vaccine product started years ago. For Merck, it may have begun in earnest in 2015 with the acquisition of Harris Vaccine.

Some ongoing research:


IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY (grant summary page)

Non Technical Summary

Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a significant viral pathogens of young cows that is a key component of the respiratory disease complex and often leads to secondary bacterial pneumonia. Prefusion F has recently shown to be highly efficacious in barrier housed RSV challenged cows. However, the difficulty in generating prefusion F along with the cost of its production are a hurdle for adoption to the farm. RSV immunity also tends to wane quickly and given the complications of field or pen raised cattle and their stressors and other circulating diseases, and a protein vaccine may not prove highly efficacious in the real world. Here, we will test a novel mRNA vaccine system we have developed that substantially lowers the price point for production animals and may lead to more thermal stable transcripts compatible with vaccinating on the farm. The use of an alternative delivery system rather than lipid nanoparticles will also lower the vaccine costs. We expect to demonstrate efficacy of the vaccine platform using mice at first as proof of principle before switching to a full cow vaccination and challenge system in year 2. Our overall goal is to test a novel mRNA system for inducing immunological protection from bovine RSV infection. We hypothesize that a prefusion F mRNA delivered continuously by vaccine implant will lead to prolonged and robust cellular and antibody immunity. Here, we will optimize our vaccine further and then test for potential correlates of protection to examine for in eventually challenged cows.

Research into mRNA vaccine livestock vaccines in New Zealand and Australia continues with governmental fast-track approval.

NSW fast tracks mRNA FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease vaccines (in cattle)

The NSW Government has taken another step towards fast tracking the world first mRNA vaccines for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech

A Foot and Mouth Disease mRNA Vaccine Deal Has Been Signed Between the NSW Government and US Company Tiba Biotech

Finally, inquiring minds want to know… what is Pfizer up to?

Pfizer animal health goes by the name Zoetis.

Zoetis clearly does not make its animal vaccine developmental stages known to the public. Internet searches do not reveal much inside the workings of Zoetis, in terms of mRNA vaccines. However, we can safely assume that development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics for “animal health” are underway – so stay tuned.

Finally, there are mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 for wildlife that have been developed and authorized for distribution by the USDA.

Black-footed ferret COVID-19 vaccination seems to be working

The Wildlife Society, Feb 18, 2021

After finding similar species can be infected, researchers quickly began to increase safety protocols at zoos and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center in Colorado, the main source of the captive-breeding and release program for the federally endangered species.

“They have done a magnificent job in keeping those animals safe,” said Tonie Rocke, a research scientist with the USGS National Wildlife Health Center who works with ferrets.

But U.S. Geological Survey researchers who also study black-footed ferrets had learned about recent studies in mice and hamsters, demonstrating safety and efficacy of vaccination against COVID-19 using purified viral protein. They decided to try something similar on a handful of ferrets this past May and June.

The vaccine used in ferrets is different — it’s a simplified version of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccinations now being used for humans — and it’s based on a similar protein, said Rocke.

Under the authority of the USFWS, the scientists could test the solution on a handful of ferrets in a process that is much quicker than the extensive approvals needed for commercial vaccination for humans like the Pfizer or Moderna inoculations.

The isolated ferrets that had received this trial vaccination produced antibodies against the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, I could find no updates to this program and whether it was expanded into other wildlife populations.

Again, something akin to an emergency use authorization was issued for this experimental vaccine. Just like with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and the RNA porcine vaccine above, full licensure was not granted but it appears that the conditional license remains in place. I raise the question again, is this a USDA and/or corporate strategy to circumvent the USDA vaccine licensing and/or authorization process?

The issue being of course, that there is no mechanism for “right to know” of animal health vaccine development.

There were news stories in 2020 that mRNA vaccine(s) were being developed for COVID/SARS-CoV-2 for administration to livestock and companion animals. However, the lack of updates suggest that these plans may have been scrapped with the new, less virulent variants.

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Robert W Malone MD, MS

Jan 11


If anyone knows of references, websites, press releases, news stories, etc about the development of mRNA vaccines (not listed above) for companion, livestcok and wildlife – please put the link in the comments section. Thank you, Robert

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18 replies

  Lalie Jan 11 I wonder what kind of input Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM has on this. I found this sub stack very alarming, not only about the extent to which this technology is being applied to veterinary medicine (I will never give my “companion animals” any of these vaccines!) but the citation regarding the number of mRNA vaccines for humans which are currently undergoing trials. Apparently they haven’t killed or injured enough of humanity. Now they are taking aim at animals.  

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Robert W Malone MD, MS

Jan 11

If anyone knows of references, websites, press releases, news stories, etc about the development of mRNA vaccines (not listed above) for companion, livestcok and wildlife – please put the link in the comments section. Thank you, Robert

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  HeldFast   Jan 11

Liked by Robert W Malone MD, MS

mRNA Vaccine Development for Emerging Animal and Zoonotic Diseases

This is from 2008, MicroRNA: Mechanism of gene regulation and application to livestock

The World’s Deadliest Insect VS. mRNA Vaccines

Veterinary Vaccines: Current Innovations and Future Trends

Vet Advice: mRNA transforms science behind vaccine development

The Veterinary Vaccines Market Sees Innovation With mRNA And Toxoid Vaccines Gaining Importance As Per The Business Research Company’s Veterinary Vaccines Global Market Report 2021

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  Harold Saive   Jan 12 A LINK for DR. MALONE – THIS appears to BE A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT — In 2020, BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin proudly announced, “…we chose lipid nanoparticles that promote migration from the muscle cells into the lymph nodes.” So Sahin confesses that the lipid nanoparticle was actually designed to leave the injection site and infiltrate the peripheral lymph nodes ! –  

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  Martha72 Jan 15 About lipid nanoparticles – In addition to what you have found – a whistleblower physician, Dr. Sigoloff, within the U.S. military stated in an Epoch Times video that he had seen evidence that Moderna had patented the lipid nanoparticles in 2017 and these were very spefically intended for the purpose of getting drugs into the brain. This is the link to the video: Within the first 5 minutes he explains about the lipid nanoparticles, and starting at 17:30 he talks about gene editing, etc. He points out, these mRNA vaccines are clearly designed to get stuff into our brains, AND, he said there is also evidence of CRISPR Cas9 gene-editing technology also being in the mRNA vaccines. So, the question was raised – why does a vaccine need to get into our brains, and what is gene editing technology doing in our brains? And the answer is, “We don’t know.” (Since the brain is not an organ that produces our antibodies, one might think that the special effort to get gene editing into our brains was unrelated to immunity against Covid and could have a darker purpose, but truth is, “we don’t know.” Why ARE they doing this? Dr. Sigaloff directed us to an additoinal video for more info, but the other one apparently was censored and could not be found by me. However, along the lines of “gene editing” and mRNA, I found this tonight at – says “interest in lipid nanoparticle research has been driven by the emergence of promising new mRNA-based therapies and gene editing technologies for a variety of diseases, the success of which depends on the availability of a safe and efficient delivery vehicle.” So gene editing apparently is indeed one thing that people were thinking about in the quest to develop lipid nanoparticles. Another point that Sigaloff made is this: The “Material Safety Data Sheet” states that the lipid nanoparticles have not been validated for medical use. (They have also not been validated for veterinary use). A lot of the information on the lipid nanoparticles is classified. So – the lipid nanoparticles are NOT safe for human or veterinary use, but apparently a substantial percentage of the world popluation, and all the US military now has these in our bodies and in our brains. Besides this, Dr. Naomi Wolfe said in a video that lipid nanoparticles have been toxic to fetuses in every animal species in which they have been tested – though pregnant women at least in the US were urged to take the vaccines to keep their baby safe, though many miscarried or had stillbirths instead. Maybe everyone knows this – the drug regulatory board in Japan required that a drug distribution study be done before vaccine rollout in Japan, to show where the vaccine travels in the body. This study was done on rats, though Dr. Michael Yeadon has said – if it is this way in rats, we have to assume it’s this way in humans unless proven otherwise – anyway, the vaccine traveled all through the entire body to every organ as I recall – bone marrow, and numerous organs that were listed – but in particular, the highest concentrations of vaccine was in the ovaries and the testes. And I remember thinking – why would we need to make sure the vaccine gets into the ovaries and testes in the highest concentration? What if damage to fertility was part of the plan? Too many people in the world? Dr. Michael Yeadon had actually warned about the possibility of reproductive harm before vaccine rollout and had said more study was needed – but those lipid nanoparticles are in the ovaries where a girl or young woman already has all the egg cells she will ever make – and the vax causes inflammation there. It seems like they have done some very careful planning with all this – I don’t believe it could be this bad by accident. Plus, as Dr. Wolfe pointed out in her video that I saw – whenever the studies were published about lipid nanoparticles being toxic to fetuses – that was published far enough in advance of vaccine rollout that surely people at Pfizer and Moderna knew this, but wanted to realese anyway, this was not a problem from their perspective. And when you think of Moderna having a patent on lipid nanoparticles since 2017 apparently for the purpose of getting material into the brain – they knew exactly what they had in mind, though we don’t fully know the plan. That is for them to know and us to find out, if we can. OH, and the comment just below about the crossroads of climate and vaccines – well, that part is too easy – if you damage the eggs of the female humans we don’t have to worry about pesky humans causing global warming, women could become unable to reproduce, or fewer of them reproducing. But that would in theory help reduce the mythical global warming. But now with the animal vaccines – kill off the farm animals with toxic vaccines – except Bill Gates has some farmland so particular WEF elites who are destined for survival can eat unvaxxed steaks and ham from Bill’s farms.  

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  Harold Saive Jan 15 Thanks, great info. We are now entitled to say this is a depopulation agenda “unless proven otherwise”.

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  Harold Saive Jan 26 DENIAL of GRAPHENE OXIDE is a LIE – Dr. Cole, why did interest in the disturbing POST-JAB magnetic arm issue disappear from most all sources including Bigtree’s Highwire?. Was it just click bait as you claim? The “Magnet challenge” and “Magnetgate” were once a hot Video topics after VAxx rollout and was statistically confirmed by the Highwire’s Jefferey Jaxen and reporter, Carmen Estel at Laguna Beach, CA. But this important mystery quickly died from all mention by even Del Bigtree and others. This was after Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy volunteered to provide an explanation of how GRAPHENE OXIDE can become magnetic and produce the observed magnetism at the injection site and elswhere. (BIN)

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  Harold Saive Jan 15 Dr. Sigoloff continues to post on RUMBLE –

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   Martha72 Jan 15 Thanks for that. Good to have his link on Rumble. Yes, I have been aware that Bill Gates has been very much into AI research for a long time, so I figured whatever it was, they were up to no good, putting things in our brains. Sigaloff speculated about some of the possibilities – but we don’t know exactly. Well, I will look at the link you shared about Musk and his Neuralink implants. There are so many worrisome, unethical things going on, it’s hard to even know the outline of what is being done, and to understand all the new technologies etc. very challenging for clincians with day jobs and not a strong background in virology to nanoparticles to AI etc. They are working on so many fronts that it is hard to find out and comprehend what they are doing. Thanks for your replies.  

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  Harold Saive Jan 16 Neuralink is the shine lure of distraction while the injections and vaccine food additives cross the blood-brain barrier to do the work.  

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  Harold Saive Jan 15 Why does a vaccine need to get into our brains, and what is gene editing technology doing in our brains? One possible answer is to facilitate or replace in-concept, Elon Musk’s NEURALINK implants. Great discussion on why not to trust ELON MUSK – (ODYSEE)  

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  Walt Broughton Jan 12 Are You familiar with the Vaccine that was just approved for HoneyBees? It’s not mRNA, yet, it concerns me, quite a little bit. I’ve been tending Bees for 40 years and I find this concept beeyond Ludicrous! The report has its share of inconsistencies and the Links provided in the Endnotes are not entirely supportive of their conclusions. Dalan’s announcement of this Vaccine is tuned to Propaganda 101, following all of the other schemes. Their original ‘Tweet This’ was Ridiculous! Aside from the other scientific flaws, the Basics of Bee Biology 101 will illustrate just why this procedure won’t work. Is it possible to converse with You regarding this Program? Here is the link to the Study. Thank You for all that You do!  

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  Wayne Y Jan 15 Not Terrified. I make it a point not to be – although i understand how one could be. Terror (fear) is just what they want. It is the lever they have used to manipulate millions into compliance and thereby weaken/destroy them. I avoid fear by the following: 1. I maintain a “clinical distance” from everything i read. I am a former Paramedic and Intelligence Analyst (different lives – Ive lived several as have we all). In both professions, maintaining a sterile/objective distance from the patient/data is key to emotional/intellectual objectivity and effective functioning. So as i read about our societal insanity and the global workings of self-interested elites – I do so as an analyst. I look at the facts as facts. I don’t ponder them so as to personalize them. 2. I remind myself of the fact of God. By “God”, I mean the personal, omnipotent but tender, just but loving, all knowing and holy but merciful God of the bible. He is a God Who knows, loves and sees us, and is active in the present reality of our world. I see His hand at work regularly. Interestingly, I believe the fact of God – is completely outside the calculus of these wicked actors as they make their plans for world enslavement and domination. 3. I look at the evidences for hope. Such evidences are all around us. Many like to say that there is no hope, that we are doomed, that a Global Elite controls “everything that happens”. That, however, is clearly not the case. Such a perspective fails on several levels. First, such control is humanly impossible. I am a retired Marine and Government employee. In both organizations i learned the limited nature of man’s control. –> In Afghanistan, the Marines planned for weeks on end before a major operation, planning for every foreseeable contingency; But in the end, the saying was: “The enemy gets a vote”. They recognized that their control was limited. In the present distress We are “the enemy”. And the globalists fear us (hence the attempt to fracture and censor us). –> On the civilian side, they couldn’t plan a successful Christmas party without a hitch – never mind to take over the world. Such a view of control misunderstands human nature and the way the world works. Nothing works like that. There are always unforeseen hiccups, events and frictions. [One caveat: The above does not allow for the fact of Satan’s influence in the activities of these elites. a factor that i believe is at play. I think, however, he is not a unifying factor – that is not his nature. He is, however, able to influence individuals in a limited fashion.] Secondly, the evidence doesn’t support such a superlative level of control. If such control were in effect, Hillary would have been elected and the plan would have been effected already (Clearly Donald Trump was not foreseen in their evil plan). Again – i believe their plan included a much more virile version of COVID than what they actually got. That explains their need to constantly exaggerate it’s danger in order to instill fear. The whole COVID affair and Vaccine rollout and prosecution was beset by constant problems – as evidenced by the millions of us who didn’t take it. That doesn’t speak of ultimate control. There are many such examples. 4. I take a break from the Bad News periodically – it’s a recipe for intellectual distance resulting in sanity and perspective. So i get where you’re coming from. I just make it a studied point not to go there.  

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  EO 9066 Jan 16 Thanks. That was actually quite reassuring.  

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  Russell Benjamin Jan 15·edited Jan 16 Agreed. Acknowledge the deviousness, in all its Overton Window glory, however we are much more than our genome, unfortunately for the nearsighted geniuses at work on our destruction. ‘If we could see through our spiritual eyes I know we would all be surprised Angels may not be dressed in shiny robes of white But in armor ready to fight.’ — Andre Crouch  

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  EO 9066 Jan 13 Yes, this is terrifying.  

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  Russell Benjamin Jan 13 It is offensive. Consideration of what damaged, compromised bees means to the planet tells you everything you need to know. Think we’re sooo stupid.  

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  CW   Writes test note Jan 11 look for the crossroads of climate and vaccines, where the vaccines are used to lower methane production/release

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  Burrrrr Jan 16 Ok, so it looks like Merek has been using mRNA vax, Sequivity, for several years: (June, 2021) (May, 2019) (Jan, 2019)  

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  Krispy Kris Jan 13 You just about covered ever source that I came across today.  

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